Initial Verification

At Walsh Electrical Services we carry out initial verification of all new electrical installation work in non-domestic or domestic premises, complete with the issuance of an Electrical Installation Certificate; Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate; Completion Certificate for Electrical Installations with a Maximum Import Capacity <50kVA; Completion Certificate for an Electrical Installation with a Maximum Import Capacity ≥50kVA or Completion Certificate for Existing Installations (as appropriate). We also provide other certification where required.

Certification provides you with proof that your installation has been designed, constructed, inspected, tested and verified in compliance with either the IET Wiring Regulations for work in the North, or the ETCI National Wiring Rules for work in the South.

Periodic Inspection and Testing

(RECI/ETCI Periodic Inspection Report & NICEIC/IET Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Megger MFT1553 Multifunction Tester

We also carry out periodic inspection and testing of both non-domestic and domestic electrical installations, complete with the issuance of an Electrical Installation Condition Report or Periodic Inspection Report for an Electrical Installation (as appropriate), or other reports as required. Furthermore, we can advise on any necessary remedial work to ensure the safety of any electrical installation for which you are responsible.

RECI recommends that electrical installations in the south of Ireland be inspected and tested at least once every five years for most types of electrical installation. However, depending on the nature, location and use of the installation the inspection and testing may need to be more frequent. Regulation 89(b) of SI 299 of 2007, as amended by SI 732 of 2007 applies to the workplace and requires that employers ensure that existing electrical installations are inspected and tested by a competent person periodically. The competent person shall then compile a report (Periodic Inspection Report), and any defects found during the inspection and testing must be rectified promptly so as to prevent danger. This report is also known as an ETCI Periodic Inspection Report.

We are often told that a P.I.R. showing that "no remedial work is required" is needed. However we can only provide a report stating that no remedial work is required if indeed the installation is in such a condition. Otherwise we will provide a report with observations about the condition of the electrical installation, and we will advise what remedial work is necessary to bring the electrical installation into a safe and satisfactory condition. Should you wish we can then quote for these works, and we will provide certification for the works upon completion. We cannot, however, reissue a modified Periodic Inspection Report. (Such a course of action would require a new inspection and a new report at further cost.) The original report should be read in conjunction with the certification for the remedial works showing that the condition of the electrical installation is now satisfactory.

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In the north of the country the initial frequency of periodic inspection and testing will be determined by the Designer of the installation, with subsequent intervals being determined by the Inspector. The person ordering the work will receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report, which will assess the overall condition of the electrical installation as either "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory" (as appropriate).

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Landlords on both sides of the border are strongly advised to have rented properties (including Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)) periodically inspected and tested (including between tenancies). We can also offer an NICEIC Visual Condition Report in the north, however it should be emphasised that this is only intended to be used between full periodic inspections (complete with an Electrical Installation Condition Report) and not instead of them.

All of the electrical test instruments that we use to ensure the ongoing safety of your installations are high-end and fully-calibrated products. We also have a system in place to ensure the ongoing accuracy and consistency of our test equipment used for certification and reporting purposes between instrument calibrations. Arrange your periodic inspection and testing now!

Entertainments Licence

As an NICEIC Approved Contractor we can provide all necessary reports and certificates for the electrical installation, emergency lighting and fire alarm systems required for an Entertainments Licence. We can also advise on any remedial work required and carry this out if requested.

ongoing accuracy


ESB Reconnections (e.g. in Bridgend or Buncrana, Inishowen)

We can facilitate the reconnection of your electricity supply from the Distribution System Operator or Distribution Service Operator (DSO) in the south, i.e. ESB Networks.

The Electricity Supply Board will require a Completion Certificate (RECI cert) from a Registered Electrical Contractor if the installation has been de-energised for a period of six months or greater. Please be aware that this process will require a minimum of two visits from ourselves as we must first carry out and submit Pre-Connection Tests and then subsequently return for Post-Connection Tests once the DSO (ESB) has notified us that the installation has been energised.

N.B. The ESB will not energise the supply until Pre-Connection Tests have been received, and should Post-Connection Tests not be submitted then they will de-energise the installation. Under NO circumstances will we submit any part of the certificate until any and all remedial works required for certification have been carried out.

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NIE Connections

We can also complete and submit a Connection Card to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in the north, i.e. NIE Networks.

This is required by Northern Ireland Electricity for any new connection to the distribution network. Contact us now.