Electrical Installations to BS7671 & ET101

(Seventeenth Edition & Fourth Edition)


We at Walsh Electrical Services carry out electrical installations of whatever scale and ccomplexity to both the IET Wiring Regulations (also known as the IEE Wiring Regulations) and to the ETCI National Rules for Electrical Installations. Work in the north, e.g. in Derry, is carried out in accordance with BS 7671:2008 (2015) - the IEE Wiring Regulations - and work in the south, e.g. in Buncrana (including both Controlled Works and Restricted Works) will instead comply with ET 101:2008/A2:2016 - the ETCI Wiring Rules.

Please note that we must verify that the earthing and bonding arrangements for your installation are adequate for any alterations or additions to your electrical instalaltion (no matter how small). If they are inadequate then this must be rectified as part of the work as these are essential for safety.

We are insured on both sides of the border, fully qualified and regularly assessed by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) in the north as part of our enrolment in the Approved Contractor Scheme, and inspected by RECI (the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland) in the south as part of our registration with the Safe Electric Scheme.

Our installations also comply with other relevant Standards and Regulations. Make an enquiry now!

Electrical rewires in Derry & Donegal

Whether small works are required such as additional lighting or socket outlets or the installation of smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors, or whether larger jobs including additional circuits (e.g. for an electric shower), or a new or replacement distribution board (including consumer units and fuseboxes) with RCD protection as appropriate, or wiring for a new kitchen, or complete wiring or rewiring of an electrical installation we can deliver a high quality job.

All work is certified upon completion on official NICEIC or RECI forms. Initial Verification (inspection, testing & certification of new work) is an absolute requirement of both the IET Wiring Regulations and the ETCI National Rules. (N.B. Every electrical installation should also be periodically inspected and tested, and a report on its condition obtained.)

Do not accept a quote from any enterprise which tells you that this is unnecessary or that it is something that they are unable or unwilling to provide.

We are also an Aico Expert Installer, Rointe Official Installer and a dealer for Infrared Heater Panels.

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